Thank you for your most valuable lessons in chinuch. I am benefiting tremendously from being in your course and will enthusiastically encourage many friends to join in the next series. It is one of the best uses of my time. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to rethink my chinuch decisions and make sure they are in line with the values I wish to impart to my children. Thank you again.

MS, Toronto

I enjoyed immensely the parenting classes, and I am not the only one who benefited from it. My husband learned so much too and my children, of course, and even my siblings and parents! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May Hashem give you kochos to teach “ad meah v’esrim.

VU, Lakewood

It is with tremendous hakoras hatov to the Ribono shel Olam that I have the zechus to be part of your Positive Parenting group this year and that I pen these words. For a few years, I was looking to join a parenting class. Somehow, I didn’t find one that felt right for me, being that my top priority was a class based strictly on Torahdik hashkofos. Now I can say that the years of patience paid off. Your classes are OUTSTANDING in one short word. They are clear, practical, true to life, organized, solid, Torahdig, enjoyable, to elaborate just a bit. May the Ribono shel Olam grant you much further Siyata Dishmaya to help us Yiddishe Mamas be mechanech our children al taharas hakodesh.

RR, Boro Park

Thank you for such a wonderful and life-altering class. My husband and I both feel we have gained tremendously. (He always asks for a run-through after the class.) I could go on and on about the things I learned, but to highlight a few:

I didn’t know if I was being too permissive or if I should be stricter and more demanding (which never worked). I now have the confidence to say that “this is unacceptable” or “we are working on this and the other issues are number two”—normal (they are only kids) and number three—we’ll get to eventually. Not giving orders was a major lesson. The week we learned about it, my three-year-old complained that I always tell her to “go make.” Why do I tell her what to do? I rephrased it now—“what do you have to do?” or “we are leaving the house and…” Now our mornings are completely different. She doesn’t like being ordered around, but she wants to be good and to please.

AG, Lakewood

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the amazing course you took me through during these past months. My parenting has changed tremendously because of your chizuk. Remembering to accept and respect and to listen every second of my day has been my guide. My home has been a calmer place—a place where growth is possible thanks to my new outlook. Thank you! Thank you! May HaShem bless you and your family forever.

SS, Baltimore

No words could thank you enough for the amazing course that I took with you. I have learned so much from it and it has made a big impact on my family. I find it amazing how most of the time when I use a cooperation technique and ask my kids “could someone please get me abc” one of them will usually run to do it. Rather than if I would’ve given an order and then they would ignore me or kvetch about it. I find that making an attempt to make a positive comment helps me feel better and move on rather than me and my child both continuing the cycle of negativity…. even when we have a difficult morning/day/bedtime, I feel that I have clarity that I know what I should be doing and so tomorrow I will try again. When they are calmly listening while I give my two-year-old a bath, I think in my head “Thank you Mrs. Levitansky for the brilliant idea!”

BS, Lakewood

Your classes literally infuse me with hope and encouragement from week to week.

HS, London

It wasn’t only the class “curriculum” that I learned. There were so much hashkofos and attitudes coming through between the lines that made such a roshem on me.

MG, Lakewood

This class made a huge difference in my home.

ML, Denver

The best things I’ve gained so far are a deeper love of parenting and a calmer, happier home life!

CT, Minneapolis

– Sora, Lakewood

– Aviva, Passaic

– Rochel, Baltimore

– Rivky, Monsey

– Brocha, Lakewood

– Baila, Baltimore

– Rivky, Chicago

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