Through her interactive teleconferences, Mrs. Rivka Levitansky—a popular educator known for her wisdom and compassion—has empowered many hundreds of mothers to create loving, nurturing homes, discipline effectively, and raise responsible, respectful, and caring children. Her parenting series is based on the timeless and eternal wisdom of Torah, as well as her personal insights, research, and expertise as the mother of a large family and a teacher with decades of experience.

Mrs. Levitansky’s success is due in a large measure to her experiences as an educator at the elementary, high school, and seminary levels. Throughout her teaching years, she was engaged in adult education, teaching topics such as Shmiras Halashon, Mesilas Yesharim, Tefillah, and Chumash. In addition, Mrs. Levitansky has been teaching kallahs for many years.

In mentoring myriad women as a kiruv rebbetzin for more than two decades, Mrs. Levitansky gained invaluable experience in dealing with family dynamics. She speaks in cities across the country on the topics of parenting and shalom bayis.

Mrs. Levitansky is available for speaking engagements and private counseling.

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