POSITIVE PARENTING FOR KIDS offers a comprehensive approach to child rearing from a Torah perspective. In today’s challenging world, children grow up more quickly than ever. Respect for adults is greatly diminished. Youngsters have constant demands, expectations, and a sense of entitlement.

The POSITIVE PARENTING course offers parents practical approaches to addressing the day to day issues they face as they raise their children. Even more importantly—the course helps mothers establish calmer, more cooperative homes where there will be fewer issue to face. Each class includes many examples and stories to practically apply ideas to real life situations. Mothers will gain the tools they need to balance love and discipline and to succeed in their goal of raising healthy, happy and resilient children.

POSITIVE PARENTING FOR TEENS addresses the unique challenges of raising teenagers in the twenty first century. Developing a warm positive relationship with a teen is critical to effectively counteract the unprecedented dangers of today’s culture.

Control and force are no longer effective tools. Many principles used for young children do not address the new reality of adolescence. The POSITIVE PARENTING course provides a detailed framework to enhance meaningful relationships with teens. The goal of the course is that, at the end of this often rocky journey, there will emerge a young adult who is frum, responsible, caring, and successful.

Course Details:

  • All classes are given live via teleconference.
  • Questions may be asked during and at the end of classes.
  • Mrs. Levitansky is available privately for questions of personal nature that cannot be asked during class.
  • Recordings of all classes are available for the entire course.
  • Payment plan available
  • Discount for Repeat Participants

****Group Rates Available****

Kids Course: Starting after Sukkos 2020
  • 30 weekly classes (breaks for Yom Tov)
  • MP3 disc of all classes (mailed at end of course)
  • Course Fee:$350
Teens Course: Starting Monday, May 4th 2020

  • 13 weekly classes
  • MP3 disc of all classes (mailed at end of course)
  • Course Fee:$200

MP3 disc available to all past participants:

Full Kids Course on MP3 Disc (30 Classes) $35
Full Teen Course on MP3 Disc (13 Classes) $25

 Topics in Positive Parenting for Kids include:

  • Listening to Mommy – No means NO!
  • How and when to punish
  • 20 ideas to get kids to cooperate
  • How to stop fighting between siblings
  • Protecting your children in today’s scary world
  • Dealing with tantrums
  • Avoiding food issues
  • Choosing your battles
  • Dealing with chutzpah
  • Creating calmer morning and bedtime routines
  • Teaching and creating love for mitzvohs
  • Anticipating physical and emotional needs of children
  • Setting Limits
  • Emes/Sheker
  • Technical Succes
  • Shalom Bayis
  • Loshon Nekiyah
  • Emotional coaching
  • And many others

Topics in Positive Parenting for Teens Include:

  • The attitudes… The dress… The chutzpah
  • Choosing battles wisely
  • When and how to criticize
  • How to have tough discussions
  • Getting teens to help
  • Accepting and respecting your teens
  • Helping struggling teens
  • Ruchniyus in the home
  • A mother’s personal challenge and growth
  • And many others
POSITIVE PARENTING classes are based primarily on the teachings of Rav Shlomo Wolbe zt”l and Rebitzen Sima Spetner. Rebitzen Spetner—a world renowned chinuch expert—has taught thousands of mothers in Israel and across the globe. Course content is also culled from the teachings of contemporary master mechanchim, such as Rav Moshe Braverman and Rav Yechiel Yaakovson. Traditional sources incorporated include Rav Shimshon Raphael Hirsch and the Slonimer Rebbe.